Content marketing: Telling Meaningful Stories

Why traveling can be a sign of content marketing success 

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I often fly first class and love these lie down seats.
One of my goals is to make the biggest impact on authentic storytelling content marketing possible. In a global economy, that means traveling and flying around the country and globe to help others share better stories. 

I love traveling  to find and document those stories, teach strategies and help people spot and then share their own stories. 

I like to think of it like this: If people pay me to come see them that’s a sign of impact. 

I enjoy it very much to help people implement their own content marketing strategies and everyone can learn from everyone else I’ve talked  to and worked with. The knowledge of best and worst practices  I gather from these global connections can be applied to everyone in my network. And I’m super excited to be able to do this. It helps everyone and makes us all better together.

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Interestingly, even with all these digital tools to connect online, sometimes we still need to see each other in person. It’s a different experience. We engage and learn differently. We shake hands, fistbump and hug. 

This has already been a busy travel year for me with 65 airline routes and over 50,000 miles flown. This September in 2016 might be one of the busiest months ever. Out of 30 days I’ll be in time zones other than my own, which is central United States, for 37 percent of the month. That’s some travel!

First, Mariah Obiedzinski, manager of content marketing strategy at MedTouch, and I will lead an all-day lab for hospitals at Content Marketing World in Cleveland. Three thousand content marketers attend this global conference. 

Other conferences are on deck and one trip to the East Coast for a content marketing project with a healthcare client. 

It’s great to help people – sometimes from afar and sometimes on-site – share better  stories for longterm success. 

To book me now to travel to see your team click here. 🙂

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