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Who said that? People want to know…

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I’ve heard the following about you recently. What follows is never positive. Sometimes it’s not even constructive.

So we ask: Who said it?

And the response is that the other person either doesn’t know or says that the name can’t be released.

But we often want to, need to know who said it. If we don’t, we might try to explain it away. Oh yes, it’s just one person’s opinion. Maybe it’s not passed on correctly – a game of telephone. I bet it’s so and so and I already knew or guessed their opinion. And depending on who it is, we might not even care.

We want to know because the source matters.

Once we know – if we ever do – let’s hope we aren’t holding the opinion against that person.

Obviously, just because we know the identify of the person doesn’t mean that we’ll agree with him or her. But it puts aside the mystery of the source. We can evaluate the opinion and its relevance to us. Remember, that when we truly live authentic and public lives, not everyone will love us! 🙂

In addition, sometimes we might have follow-up questions:

  • What do they mean by a certain term?
  • What prompted the comment?

After all, we might be able to learn something.

And finally, being part of our authentic stories also means that we participate openly. Of course, that also means that the recipient is open to listening to negative thoughts surrounding their authentic stories.

Disclaimers: The information provided in articles is for informational purposes only and not personalized advice. It's accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time it's published. Enjoy and best of luck telling the best stories in your organization and life!

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