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Timing of Messages: Cedar Rapids Curling

The timing of the Cedar Rapids Curling Club’s billboard was excellent in February 2014. The organization ran this billboard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as the Winter Olympics were happening in Sochi, Russia.

U.S. television viewers were shown many hours of live coverage of curling competitions. I know I was aware of them going on. Sometimes the broadcasts played in the background as I was blogging, checking email or talking to my family. The bottom line was that mainstream (sports) media was covering the sport more than during other times of the year.

So when I was driving up First Avenue in Cedar Rapids the curler on the billboard got my attention immediately.

Hat tip to the Cedar Rapids Curling Club for posting this billboard during this high-awareness time. The timing of the message was right. I paid attention to it. I actually heard of the club before when somebody from it and myself were both presenting at BarCamp Coralville. Again, I checked out the club’s website – which runs on WordPress – and was impressed by its setup.

Timing of messages - Cedar Rapids curlingThe calls to action on the site worked well with the message on the billboard: “Open House Registration.” The site also makes it easy for people to sign up for the mailing list to stay connected and offers frequently asked questions right there on the homepage. Well done and user friendly.

But back to the importance of timing of messages. The picture on the billboard got my attention because it connected to a current news event: Curling at the Sochi Olympics. Well done! The timing of this message was right.

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