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Doing a PeriscopeI love, love, love Periscope, the still somewhat new live streaming app.  I love how you can watch people’s live stream from the beach while I’m sitting in my living room under a blanket in snowy Iowa. I love when people share actual expertise. I love the conversation that is possible.

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But there are also some things I dislike:

  • Trolls
  • People – no matter how attractive – just looking at the camera
  • Scopes that are too quick. Give people some time to find you and settle in.
  • People sharing common sense like it’s their uniquely original expertise.
  • Periscopers who spend most of the time begging for hearts and shares … and then leave without talking about anything.

I find Periscopes most beneficial when people:

  1. Share their unique experiences and expertise while having a conversation with their audience.
  2. Show us something unique – something they are seeing that could be of interest to others following them.

Both of these can certainly be done off the cuff, but I would recommend writing down or at least thinking through an outline if you do No. 1.  Of course, be nimble enough to answer audience member questions – even if they are slightly off topic.

A good headline – which pushes to Periscope and your Twitter audience also makes it easy for your followers to decide if they want to tune in. I’ve seen some people go live with no headlines, vague or misleading ones. That can work if you already have a large following, but either way it’s less than helpful.
Announce the Periscope ahead of time. I had mixed feelings about this one until I tried it myself. I posted this image on all of my networks the night before and it ended up being my most-watched Periscope to date. Now, I don’t really know if it was the announcement or if the broadcast time was just at a good  time and people were online online and had nothing else to do. Either way, I do know that more than the usual number tuned in.



Use the On Air button on your website. You can find it in my sidebar and also the footer. (Not sure what an embed code is?)

Here’s how it looks when I’m not on the air:

periscope off air

Once I go on air it changes to this look:

periscope live

When you click on the button you are sent to my Periscope stream. Very cool and user-friendly. Go here to get the code to embed your own button.

Periscope mapIn summary, Periscope has a lot of potential. It was even named App of the Year – 2015. For whatever that is worth. For it to really take off, though, Scopers need to be audience-centric and the app probably needs to make some improvements – like searching for specific topics needs to be easier. Right now, you can search by user (who likely isn’t even broadcasting right that second) or by geographic location. I don’t necessarily always care about where somebody is broadcasting from, unless, of course, it’s an event I’m interested in.

Livestreaming has been around for years, of course, and Periscope has made it even easier. I do most of my Scopes in the spur of the moment while sitting on my couch. I hope it’ll evolve in the most audience-benefiting way. And please, let’s not add pre-roll commercials before we can join a livestream.

Disclaimers: The information provided in articles is for informational purposes only and not personalized advice. It's accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time it's published. Enjoy and best of luck telling the best stories in your organization and life!

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