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Is the smiley passive aggressive?

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The other day somebody on social media somewhere said something about the smiley – this guy 🙂 – being passive aggressive. 🙂 You can be rest assured that one was not passive aggressive there 🙂

I’ve been struggling with that comment a bit. I use the smiley all the time. Mostly because the people I’m writing can’t see I’m smiling since it’s all text based. Or I use it to show agreement. Typically, it’s a positive expression for me. It’s shorter than me writing: You should see me smiling.

So I discussed this with a focus group – aka a few people that I stopped in the hallway – and they all agreed with the poster. Yes, it’s often passive aggressive. Hmmm. OK. Good to know. I actually went back to a few messages that I had sent with a smiley – not a passive aggressive one, though – to re-evaluate if they could be read that way. And lo and behold they could be read as passive aggressive. I hope they weren’t taken that way. (See, had I put a smiley right there, that certainly could be seen as passive aggressive.)

Maybe the tone we read things in is a reflection of our offline relationship. If we don’t give the writer the benefit of the doubt we might take the smiling smiley as passive aggressive. Even when it’s not. Maybe. And other times we might be reading it exactly correctly.

Either way, it’s good to listen to people’s perceptions and perception is reality – even if it’s not our reality,

It’s always good to listen to people and how messages are received. So if you are smiling at somebody – keep in mind they might take it as passive aggressive. I suppose that could happen offline, too, though.

OK, I think that clears this up. Now, what about the winking smiley? 😉


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