From May 2009 through January 2010, more than 100,000 unique visitors viewed the community news site that I started from my Cedar Rapids basement.

I wanted to learn more about Web editing, publishing and other Web-related skills, so I set up this project outlined below as a hobby and learning experience:

    • Taught self how to set up, run and maintain an online community and news Web site.
    • Taught self the basics in coding, publishing, graphics, video-editing and improved skills in community-building. Many posts, pictures and videos were contributed by other community members and then edited by me.
In just nine month, around 80 community members and myself filed more than 2,700 articles to the site, ranging from show choir pictures, to graduation stories to sports coverage. It was meant as a community news site and people used it as such.


A sampling of reader feedback:
“When I was first introduced to this online news source I was skeptical. I didn’t believe that the news coverage offered by an independent online news source could match that of the local networks or newspapers. I have to admit that I was dead wrong. Easterniowanews.com not only offers a wide range of topics and general information but it follows up with frequent updates on all of its top stories. The High School Sports coverage is also much more varied than most of the local news stations and the opinion page is always thought provoking. By compiling information from multiple sources, Easterniowanews.com also saves me a lot of time. Easterniowanews.com sifts through thousands of news stories daily to bring Iowans the information that we want to see. I love Easterniowanews.com!”
“I like the photos and stories on interesting things going on, such as community events, rare spottings such as houses moving and trucks with interesting signage, etc.”
What do you like most on the site?

  1. Focus on local news content
  2. More casual, fun news

“It’s a fun diversion from formal news sites.”